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Welcome to the Rising Productions news site. Currently Rising Productions is under heavy construction and new features are still being added.

Last updated Novrmber/13/2006

I'm caught in between two projects at this current time. As soon as I have these two rascals wrestled down I will be making the final updates to this site, providing more examples, video clips and details about available services.

So, what have I been doing? My two current projects involve web design and video production. I will update the site with more details as these both draw near to a finish. Rising Productions has also recently published over 100 copies of a certain Employee Handbook (publishing... egad!) as well as providing design concepts and a final advertisement design for the announcement of that very same Employee handbook. Most of my work has been on the web development side of things, and right now I am really looking for a break and doing more media/multimedia related work.

I will be announcing my first interactive media project (video game) here in the next coming year. I have been working on some crazy designs and a concept model for something that I hope could be considered innovative and educational. Believe it or not, you have already seen some of the design work. It should be interesting.





Summer is coming to a close and I no find myself busier now than ever. Flash development has also become a sickness for which I seek no remedy. The construction of my first customized website is almost completed. As I near the final stages of its development, new projects have emerged. More on that later.

New content and service information will be added onto the site soon.



A lot has been going on during the last month which means that I have been pretty busy with different projects. The site has had multiple additions added to it and it is nearing its first stage of completion. I keep finding new things I want to try and do with it, but my time is spread out upon different tasks. Summer is here which also means travel, BBQs and other summer triggered events.

So what's new? Check out the Media page. I have added new content and features to this section and the "new feature" virus is spreading through the site. Expect to see more "enhanced" features throughout the site soon. Oh, and the News archive is below...for now.



E3 was quite a turn out of interactive events. You can read about some of the hands-on experiences over at Moz La Punk http://mozlapunk.net There was so much to cover and I have been playing catch up for the last couple weeks since.

After the second day of E3 I could not take it anymore and I HAD to buy a Sony PSP ( yes, HAD to). The PSP is quite a wonderful little device and one of its most recent additional features allows the PSP to use flash content. That's were a new angle in gaming development on the PSP comes in. Hmm….

Flash animation is going to be taking up a big chunk of my time right now as I am creating some bling-bling content for DJ Q-Mix. More on that later.

Rising Productions is headed to E3 for 2006
May 9th through the 12th.

Rising Productions works with Moz La Punk for E3 live coverage.
Check http://mozlapunk.net for live coverage.

Rising Productions has begun concept development for the animated short “Rough Ridge”. Update to come.