Curent Projects involve RGB SMD LEDS and Neon Flex Tube, Pixel Panels + Micro controllers. Projects range from Graphic and Animated, Prop designs Mods and Conversions, Cyberpunk and Wasteland Costume design. Digital animated Signage, to wearable electronic accessories. I always have something cooking. Links and stuff will be found here ... typically.


I have created a seperate page for my design merchandise that can be found on the online store.

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Fresh off the press: New Rising Productions designs can be found on the Amazon store

in the form of apparel and accessories.

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iPhone Cases

Retrun to Sender



Galaxy Cases


Rerun to Sender

Behind the design:

Barcodes represent society's need to catalogue and label everything/everyone (unique identifiers). Circuitry being the expanded nervous system that ties our own to our common devices (wired). Technology, our thirst for more drives our wants and needs (More input!). And finally Culture (the wild card).

How your use your power in this world is your red pill / blue pill. Choose wisely!

More to come!




Recent hackaroo:

This is a row of SMD LEDs connected to a custom circuit board for an uncoming

microcontroller based accessory project. This next built for the circuit board will include

RGB SMD LEDs (quite tiny!).



Recent project:

Chrome Girl

RGB Neon and Neo-Pixel Metal Sign.



Recent Project:


Cyberpunk Faction Themed sign for the upcoming Cyberpunk event Neotropolis.

Plus Shannon Chromegirl.



Past Project:


Hand cut and formed from a scrap of half inch Plexiglass. Illuminated by 12v LEDs running at 9v. Like a real Katana, it is a full tang blade.





Past Project:

Cyber Security Integrated Armor

Wired with a rear facing camera, chest mounted monitor, 360 camera with and arm-mounted remote control so you can live-video + archive and keep an eye on things behind you while you hack into or de-authorize whoever/whatever.



Past Project:

Cyber accessories: Visor, Katana and Prop-weapon holo-sight. Of course they had to be illuminated as well.



Past Project:

Custom Wasteland Raider Armor:

Gentle Football shoulder pad conversion. :)



Past Projects:

Un-nerfing nerflike nerfiness. Paint and re-wires/mods for various items.

"Crafting" is a habit a picked up from my fellow Wastelanders. These items are being converted for special events.


Inspired by heavy use and military grade: Recoil Wifi Hub



Recoil Spitfire: Daytona Yellow hot rod taken Metallic and Worn.


SMD LEDs on independent 3v power source.